25 September 2012
When i get home...
When i get home
i'll buy boots to break brittle bones
of any pigeon that makes the decision
to walk on my trajectory
when they could fly just a few meters high and decide to find 
the right time to blind side those held down by heavy minds
so it's not unkind to remind these rodents that i'm the the one who lays down concrete

When i get home
I'll sell my backpack
and use the few dollars i made from that
to stack facts that i brought back
assembling this crap in a pitch black shack
prepared for the attacks, being called out to rap
from the later labeled crater hater denying an impact

When i get home
i'll collect regret in my parents basement
with a bottle of bourbon, i'll be alone and get wasted
and make an online posting for positivity placement
but won't care if my signal doesn't penetrate pavement

When i get home
i'll shave my beard and my hair knots,
deny fear of that clock punched
to save shame for the day aimed at decorative cell blocks
i'll proliferate personal panoramas
sleep in my jeans, work in pajamas
expose all my bones like i'm peeling bananas
play hide and seek in front of well lit parking lot cameras

When i get home
i'll break down the bridge to my empire
cuz the world's given me the tools but lit the schematics on fire
love won't walk straight lines between structures built higher,
suspend narrow gap, half-way through, find it shaking the wire
don't blame beautiful balance between talent and challenge
risk might feel weightless on the one hand that's more callused

When i get home
i'll be a bit less direct
cuz it was never my duty to defend and dissect
the seeds i implanted to infect those i detest
but as for the rest, you'll rank among the best
if you let me smuggle these words through your security checks

When i get home i'll let you know where i found it

12 July 2012
Love from BrokeAssStuart
BrokeAssStuart's goddamn website has some words about 16th & Mission:
FREE-Poetry Chaos 16th and Mission »
5 March 2012
Golden Gate XPress: 16th Street BART station home of weekly poetry slam
Hunter Mulich of the Golden Gate XPress—the SF State newspaper—spent a few nights on the Corner researching an article about 16th & Mission, and filmed this short interview with yours truly.

Read the rest of the article here »

17 November 2011
Fuck Internet Censorship
Those of you who know me, know i'm usually pretty apolitical. "Of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing can ever be made," wrote Immanuel Kant, and never was there a clearer reflection of this than in politics. However, as a creatively inclined individual, there are few things i care more about than freedom of speech, which makes the legislation currently being debated in the House (HR 3261.IH) and Senate particularly disturbing. Should these bills become law, the Executive branch will have full and complete authority to block websites which contain unauthorised copyrighted material, or links to it. The government can unilaterally block domains, or order service providers to block users' accounts, etc. The proposed law also affords no due process; nobody gets their day in court, there's no recourse for sites blocked in error...nothing. The system used to implement these controls is similar to that used in China, Iran, Syria, etc. to censor internet content. Furthermore, penalties for hosting or linking to copyrighted content will be increased to felonies. Theoretically, posting a video of yourself singing a copyrighted song on YouTube could land you in jail on charges of felony copyright infringement--the current equivalent of running a movie or music bootlegging operation (knowingly mass-producing someone else's copyrighted content and selling it). These bills are the product of the entertainment industry aggressively lobbying Congress and the Senate; essentially bribing our so-called representatives. Should this pass, police departments, internet service providers, the FTC and FCC become de-facto mercenaries in the employ of major Hollywood companies to protect their copyrights. Sound conspiratorial? You bet your ass...and i don't usually indulge myself in conspiracy theories. The problem is, this one happens to be true. Don't get me wrong; i'm not against people getting paid for what they create. Quite to the contrary--i'm sure all of us who traffic in art and ideas hope someday to make a living doing what we do, and some of us are lucky enough to do so. However, insofar as protecting intellectual property rights goes, there couldn't be a more contemptibly wrong way of going about it. i'm not sure what to do about it, either, and that's what frustrates me the most. As i said before, these bills are the product of high-powered companies shoving money into politicians' pockets, and large amounts of money talks a hell of a lot louder than any petition can, no matter how many million signatures. i can't seem to shake the morbid image of our Senators and Congress[wo]men positioning their public fax machines to empty directly into paper shredders, because that's about how much your opinion and mine are worth.
7 August 2011
Charlie Getter's The Garrulous Progress Book Release
At long last, Charlie Getter will be releasing The Garrulous Progress, a 3-volume collection of poems spanning 2004-2010.

Come by Viracocha on Wednesday, August 10 at 8pm to pick up your copy. Readers and musicians to be announced.

12 June 2011
16th & Mission Prom - June 30
Those of you who've been frequenting the Corner for a few years now are aware of our tradition of our annual tradition of reliving the days we spent as awkward, pimply misfits by throwing our very own Prom—16th & Mission style—complete with a king and queen. Once a year we clean up real nice...so wear somethin' swanky, damnit!
16 February 2011
The Secret Secretaries at Retox
Co-conspirators...The Sec.s train is about to depart for the recording studio in March so this will be our last show until we return in a few months to drop a whole new batch of aural heavenly wretchedness on this town. Hope you can make it to see us off at Retox Station before the whistle blows!

Retox Lounge 628 20th st (at 3rd st.)
9:00 pm
21+ $5.00
(p.s.--The Secs are opening so try to get there when the doors open if you can...)
12 January 2011
Hours of Bowers!
This is a bit of a last-minute post, but thought i'd put the word out that i'll be at Frank's 21 Club tonight for Ed Bowers' monthly open mic night, and i certainly wouldn't mind see you there, too. If you've never been to the 21 Club, it's at Turk & Taylor--ground zero of SF's infamous Tenderloin--and it's the best damn dive bar there is. Sip on sumthin' and listen to poems...what more could you want on a chilly Wednesday night?
16 December 2010
The BlackEYE Review
wow, the BlackEYE Review is almost complete, within the next few hours the very first complete copy will be in my hands! everyone else must just be itching to get themselves a copy, so if you know of any retailers that would be interested in carrying it we would much appreciate an email to writersblock@cbgb.net or check us out at www.freeformblockage.blogspot.com Image and video hosting by TinyPic
20 November 2010
San Francisco Is Burning
Come out for an evening of eclectic rock & roll with The Secret Secretaries, Fox & Woman, Tokyo Raid, and Nectarine Pie. The show will be on Saturday, November 27th at Cafe du Nord (2170 Market st.). Doors open at 8:00 and show starts at 9:00. We also just got notice that Tokyo Raid will be filming their new music video that night, so come out with you dancing shoes and support! (21+)
14 November 2010
Naked Minds Festival
Come out to Viracocha for the Naked Minds Festival—three nights of theatre featuring 3 one-act plays by Ed Bowers, Alan Kaufman, and Charlie Getter.

Each night will feature different readers (to be announced). Directed by Charles Kruger and Charlie Getter.

2 November 2010
The BlackEYE Review
Hey guys, />Since The Writers Block has been going so well down here in Long Beach, we've decided to start a little publication. We’ve decided to call it The BlackEYE Review Call it a magazine, a zine, or even a mag, call it whatever you want but get ready for it, because its going to be rad! We're willing to publish pretty much anything that you want to submit. For Example:

Music & Lyrics
Jokes (?)
Short Stories
Rants & Raves
Visual Art (will be printed in black&white)
Artists statements
News & Reviews of pretty much anything
We're also giving out a prompt for an article I'm working on. We'd love to have anyone send us any sort of response to "what is street poetry/what does it mean to you/is it good/why?"
For More Information Either Email Us At
or check us out on the web (you're already here...might as well) at
Free Form Blockage.Blogspot
28 September 2010
w/ overwhelming excitement, the secret secretaries are ready to release their debut album, "birthmark(ed)." On Sunday, October tenth (10.10.10) our limited first edition album will drop at our favorite venue Viracocha. The cover is $10.00 which includes a copy of "birthmark(ed)." Show begins at 7:30 and ends at midnight.
Performances by our friends:
Jess & Andrew
Peck the Town Crier
and Both Cheese (Japan)
We will have our first batch of official t-shirts and other goodies too! We are really looking forward to this cosmic evening, and hope that we can celebrate with all of you... ♥
15 September 2010
The New San Francisco Underground: Evergreen Review
With much thanks to Alan Kaufman, and those who claim the corner as a second home, I am honored to present you with this...
15 August 2010
Promethean Royalty: Secret Secretaries
From 3A.M. Magazine......... Promethean Royalty: The Secret Secretaries
6 August 2010
Shhh! (Secret Show at Viracocha)
the secret secretaries will be playing a (not so) secret show this wednesday, august 11th inside of the lovely basement of viracocha (998 Valencia st. at 21st). There will also be performances by Der Mouse, the traveling banjo virtuoso that blew everyone away at the corner last thursday, as well as Semen Sundae, a punk/thrash band from Paris. show begins at 7:00 pm. this will be VERY loud and VERY fun...hope to see you there!
30 July 2010
Underground Press Book Fair - Aug. 13th
The first-ever Underground Press Book Fair is fast approaching, but there's still time to let us know if you want to set up a table to display your books, zines, artwork, CDs, etc.

It all goes down at the Mechanics Institute Library, 57 Post Street (at Kearny) from 7-9pm. The event will feature a panel discussion about why print publications still matter despite the rise of digital media; there will be performances by some of your favourite poets and musicians; and best of all, some of SF's premier underground publishers will crawl out from behind their worktables and exhibit their wares. Meet the publishers, and find out why the DIY spirit is alive and well in the Bay Area underground literary scene.

To view a printable version of the poster above, click here (48MB).

30 July 2010
A Solid Four Stars!
While surfing the infamous Yelp.com, I came across our beloved playground. The overall consensus is that we are "modest," "eclectic," and my personal favorite, "bizarre." While the BART station itself only has 2 stars, Thursday nights make it a four star venue. You can check out what the Yelpsters have to say about us here.
11 July 2010
Here i go...dignifying absurdity
As one commenter following a recent SFist post (This Is Why People Hate San Francisco: Volume 1) put it:

"Did CW Nevius finally get the boot and now has a new feature on SFist? Or is SFist now hiring direct from the SFgate comment section?"

Well played, sir.

Don't get me wrong—i enjoyed Jay Barmann's little jab in the ribs. i mean that. It was

hilarious. However, there are a few things i would like to clarify.

i can only speak for myself, as everyone has their own reasons for coming to the Corner on Thursday nights, but had Mr. Barmann spoken to individuals (you know...the way real reporters do), it would have been pretty obvious this wasn't a protest...at least not in the expected sense. In fact, i seem to remember only a single person mentioning Oscar Grant (may he rest in peace) at all. Despite the possibility of demonstrations or bored police officers out in force and looking for

something to do, we showed up at the Corner to share poems, songs, etc. because (and again, i speak only for myself, but with suspicion my sentiments are shared), because these are the better products of our collective hand-wringing; and while some apparently felt that staging an opportunistic smash-and-grab in downtown Oakland was the best response to what is from every angle a tragedy, i would like to believe Grant would have wanted better respect shown his memory than an excuse to nab a five finger discount.

But that's just me.

6 July 2010
Everything To Do With Reviews
Thanks to a couple of local heros Evan Karp as well as Charles Kruger Everything To Do With You has seen a couple of reviews in its short two month life span.

SF Literary Culture Examiner Review

Storming Bohemia Review

Everything to do with You was released May 2010 on Seven7h Tangent Press and is currently available for sale at Viracocha on 998 Valencia st at 21st, San Francisco, CA
25 June 2010
The Secret Secretaries at Grant and Green
Yes it's true, we have another free show! This Wednesday, June 30th, the infamous Grant and Green Saloon North Beach (1317 Grant ave. @ Green st.) will be turned upside down by three eager to please performers with very loud musical instruments.
The other rockers on the bill are:
Kristian Elliott (singer/songwriter)
Starfish In The Clouds (rock n' roll)
The Blues Hounds (members of The Lotus Moons)

Best part is...............NO COVER!
Save your dough for the bar!
Show begins at 8:30.
Be there or be illiterate ♥
24 June 2010
SUNDAY - American Street Showcase
Join us this Sunday, June 27th for part II of Alan Kaufman and Charlie Getter's American Street Showcase at Café Royale!

Everybody had a great time at the last show, and hopefully this one will be even better. Everyone is welcome to come and share a poem.

Sunday, July 27th
1-4pm at Café Royale
(Post & Leavenworth)

22 June 2010
16th & Mission Review XIII - Folding Party TONIGHT!
At long last, the 16th & Mission Review XIII has finally been published. If you feel like helping us out with the binding and finishing process, come by Charlie's house (667 Minna) tonight at around 10:30, have a beer, and help us fold books! We've got a big book this time (150 pages!) and we need all the help we can get...

CORRECTION: We're folding TONIGHT (June 23rd). Sorry to everyone who planned on coming out last night...plans kind of fell through.

21 June 2010
This Wednesday - Bike Messenger Open-Mic
What are you doing Wednesday night? Why not come out the Bike Messenger Open-mic.

A bike centered open-mic for our two wheeled friends. Tell your stories, play some music, or just listen and drink beer.

Oh! It is also whiskey Wednesday. Shot of whiskey and a PBR = $5

Benders Bar @ 19th and South Van Ness 9-11pm

Buy a book and get in the raffle to win a classic Timbuk2 messenger bag.

    Books for Sale
  • MESSENGER POET by Kurt Boone
9 June 2010
Four (or was it five) years ago, the Guardian called us the Best of the Bay and said that 16th and Mission was the "best place to pick up a poet" so come on out clean on up and prove them right! Last year's prom king and queen were Stellar and Richard and they recieved wonderful prizes for the award (actually... nothing, but they got to be king and queen!) This year... who knows!
7 June 2010
Free Love and Litrock
Friday, June 11th. Brainwash Cafe. 1122 Folsom st. 8-11 p.m. Food and Drink. No Cover.
These bands...
The Lotus Moons
The Mighty Russian Winter
The Secret Secretaries

The Lotus Moons
From left: Alexi, Eleanor, Micah, Sarah, David.
The Mighty Russian Winter

The Secret Secretaries
4 June 2010
It's Prom Season...
Yes, it is that time of year again! This Thursday, June 10th is Prom night at 16th and Mission. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this event, everyone usually cleans up in their best Prom attire (ball gowns and powder suits are corner favorites!), And dig this...we declare a Prom King and Queen! Who will it be? Come out and see...
27 May 2010
The Secret Secretaries at Haight st. Fair
Who: The Secret Secretaries (w/ other local bands) p.s.-We're headlining!

What: Haight Street Fair Free Show!

When: Friday, June 4th 8:00-9:00 pm

Where: Coco-Luxe Confection Shop: 1673 Haight st. @cole (chocolate and wine anyone?)

Why : Love, Performance, Art, Homage, Rock, Death, Apocalypse, Ego, Networking, Exposure, No Volume Control.

Come on, it's a free rock show...We would love to see you!

20 May 2010
16th & Mission Turns Seven!
Another year has gone by already. Seems almost hard to believe. But looking back on our 7th year on the Corner, you bet your curb-sittin' ass we had a good time! A few highlights:
  • Much thanks to the forces of nature—the weather was unbelievably kind to us this year, raining on us only a couple times, even in the dead of winter. Perhaps most importantly though (and indeed a bit ironically, in light of the good weather) this year saw the opening of Jonathan Siegel's beautifully quirky Viracocha, the best new indoor venue in the city, and my personal favourite place (aside from the Corner, of course :) to perform.
  • Cameron Forsley, Christopher Forsley and friends started 16th & Mission Comix—now in its 4th issue—this year, and just released Bums
of the Bay, a satirical and often hysterical collection of illustrated vignettes.
  • Sean Taylor's brilliant short-story collection, Everything To Do With You, is probably due for another printing already, in spite of its very recent publication. i've read it at least 5 times already, and can't wait for more.
  • Dusty Rose, Baraka Noel, Dunce Apprentice and Sam Sax gave us an energetic breath of fresh air on the Corner earlier this year, as the formerly-itinerant WeAreTheUnreal made San Francisco their home, and we are the better for it.
  • Mike Skott McCullough started Ink Press this year, and already has two books in publication: Bike Messenger Assassins and Voices by Pam Benjamin.
  • Alan Kaufman and Charlie Getter are hosting an ongoing monthly series, "American Street Showcase" at Cafe Royale, featuring many of us from the Corner, plus writers
  • from other circles.
  • The 5th Annual Poems Under the Dome went off spectacularly!
  • Several reading series, such as Quiet Lightning and Writers With Drinks (to name a few) have featured 16th & Mission performers.
  • Nick Burrose, Stellar Cassidy, and Shye Powers formed The Secret Secretaries. They call it "Lit Rock"—articulate and sonically blistering, this shit's bound to catch on...
  • As i'm sitting here, certain i must be missing something important, i realise there's a boundness to why—the list just keeps getting longer!

    Anyhow, my personal thanks and appreciation to everybody who participated in a project, came to a show, performed something, inspired someone, or just observed. Come out tonight and celebrate seven years at the Corner!

    14 May 2010
    The Secret Secretaries at the Art House
    So we have another free show, this Sunday the 16th at the Art House in Berkeley. The address is 2179 Shattuck at Bancroft. We will be playing with some other bands, and we would love to have some friends out there for us. Show begins at 7:00 pm. Much love...
    28 April 2010
    AIDS Benefit with The Secret Secretaries!
    I know that Sean Taylor's big day is this Sunday; however, for those of you who want to precede the evening with some live music while also supporting a good cause, y'all should come see The Secret Secretaries this Sunday. While we spent the last weekend being shut down for "obnoxious" volume, we really want to melt your faces at this outdoor afternoon show. No volume control means full blast for us, and we want to see all your gorgeous faces there! This is a fundraiser for AIDS research and there will be live music all day. The location is 16th st. and Florida in the parking lot next to Sports Basement. The event goes from noon till 6, but The Secret Secretaries will be playing at 4 pm. I believe the donation is $5, but there will be bottomless beer and BBQ! That's cheaper than dinner, good deal right! Hope to see you! p.s.-The weather is supposed to be beautiful, so come get drunk and rock out in the sun!
    23 April 2010
    Northern Exposure
    Dearest Poets,

    I'm attempting
    to liven up the poetry scene here in Ashland, and could use some of your words to help me. Southern Oregon University publishes the annual West Wind Review, which includes anyone from anywhere, as long as the editors like you. If you care to utilize a publishing opportunity and contribute some culture to your northern neighbors the rules for submission can be found here.

    21 April 2010
    Poems Under the Dome benefit at Kaleidescope!
    It's quite difficult not to be self-promoting these days, but this is what this page is for, and hey, it's for a good cause. This Friday on the 23rd of April, the wordparty is hosting a benefit for Poems Under the Dome. The Secret Secretaries will be having their electric debut on this date and will be performing with other familiar wordsmiths and musicians. Show starts at 8pm and the bands begin at 10pm. Five bones is the suggested donation, and Kaleidescope is on 24th and Folsom. Hope to see you there! More info can be found at the word party site: wordparty.com
    8 April 2010
    My article about the Corner Poets in 3A.M. Magazine: from Alan Kaufman
    Hi Everyone, Enclosed is my article about all of you in the new issue of 3A.M. Magazine. Hope you like it and love to you all! Alan...

    The Corner: An American Cultural Revolution

    4 April 2010
    Poems Under The Dome Benefit Show at Viracocha
    listen up. we're organizing the largest poetry open mic in america (& perhaps the world) in honor of national poetry month. however, this mess ain't free for us to get our organizing on. so, we're putting on a little benefit show at Viracocha on April 6, at 8 p.m. 3 bands will be making your asses move. 6 writers, including your very own: J. Brandon Loberg, Amy Cruz, PamFuckingTastic, Monica Storss, that guy who's really hip cuz he has a book now D.W. Lichtenberg & the talentless m.g. martin will all be making you laugh, cry, throw a fist in the air, aroused, vomit and so much more!
    it's a cheap event, & it supports sanfrancalifrisco's poetry scene. here's the catch chickies, you have to rsvp on facebook (search: Viracocha Presents: A Benefit Show For Poems Under The Dome) or you will not be able to enjoy the libations & you may even be turned away. so, get on the facebooks & rsvp because i want you to laugh at my expense on tuesday night. see you there pendejitos!
    31 March 2010
    Theme Night At The Corner!
    Come one, Come all! Step right up to the 16th and Mission bart station tomorrow night to participate in a rare and exciting themed night at the corner. The theme is Circus Freak Show. I've heard rumors that there will be a lion and tamer, bearded lady, and giant inside of the velvet red tent of a chalk circle. Come see the festivities of madness and feel free to participate...All freaks are warmly welcomed! ;)
    10 March 2010
    New Poem Song Project
    Nick and I are working on a group collaboration and we need your help. We are putting together a song where the lyrics are a combination of everyone's words. We want as many voices as possible, so when you can, a line or stanza etc. can be given to either Stellar or Nick for the project. Some people have already submitted via text messaging or paper, but we need more! The sooner we can put it all together the sooner we can perform it and give credit where it's due.
    26 January 2010
    LitQuake 2009
    16th & Mission poets at Muddy Waters coffee shop during LitQuake's 2009 Lit Crawl:
    23 January 2010
    Nicole Alea, Tess Patalano & m.g. martin need yr help. the trio are entangled in a galvinized electrical storm. on monday the 25th of january year 2010, the three will be sore in the rear from making like fireflies at gestalt. s.o.s. them, please.
    what: quiet lightning reading when: monday january 25th where: gestalt haus (3159 16th st. btwn guerrero & valencia)
    more information: Quiet Lightning.
    so, fire up yr oscilloscopes & track the electric gold.
    22 December 2009
    she said, "shells"
    i had to stand on phone books,
    to make my knees less bent
    so god could hear my broken throat
    etching out whispers of one thought
    of self hatred to the next.
    and i had to stand on tombstones
    to retrace the words i had
    carved down my arms,
    and sometimes
    it spelled out: self discovery
    through bleeding,
    and sometimes
    it spelled out: ask questions loudly
    because the answers you might receive
    could restore thoughts of dysmorphia about your body.

    once, i caught her screaming
    under bath water,
    fossilized sap crystals
    mending her dull disorders,
    what do you like about your body?
    her body,
    your body,
    i said,
    “what do you like about your body?”
    she said,
    “i like
    my collar
    where the necklace with the painting of
    lunas magníficas
    hangs on silver cord,
    it hangs between my breasts”.
    she said
    she likes her breasts
    in the light cast off acrylic moon shadow.

    she said,
    “i like
    the arc of my back
    when the sky pulls
    like gravity’s mating call
    around zodiac themed poetry,
    i see the stars line up
    and blind my blinking,
    i like my bones of severed wings,
    i like the view of earth when it pulls me.”

    she said,
    “i like
    the thickness of thighs
    and i’d breathe shoulder wide
    just to keep you.
    my only weapon is to shower you
    with rose water
    and let it drip off the
    vibrations of your vocal cords,
    let me show you
    what i like about my body,
    what i like about
    your body
    and my body,
    let me show you”.

    she said,
    “i’ve stared at my body,
    smashed mirrors to distort
    got no time left for vanity
    when i hated me,
    and i hated my coffin
    and i hated my anatomy
    and what did i even like about my body?
    because i hated curves and folds of skin
    can’t say i liked it
    when i let razor cuts
    be road maps for growing,

    can’t say i liked me.”

    and she said,
    “what are shells?
    but to protect the one thing we’re good for,
    i like my body
    because it’s the shell of my soul,
    it balances itself out perfectly
    because of its natural geometry.”

    “you ain’t bound to your body,”
    she said,
    “you ain’t bound to the breaths
    of light sparking from your fingertips,
    you ain’t bound to your shell,

    but you’re bound to your soul.”

    she said, “souls, not your shell,”
    she said, “souls, not your shell,”
    she said, “shells.”
    10 December 2009
    Poetry Mission @ Viracocha
    Mr. Jonathan Siegel informs me that, due to ongoing construction in the back room of Dalva, tonight's Poetry Mission (at 7:00) has been moved to Viracocha, his awesome new space at the corner of 21st & Valencia.

    Tonight's featured poet is M.K. Chavez.

    27 November 2009
    peripheral breathing
    peripheral breathing
    pəˈrɪfərəl briðɪŋ

    know my body with brush strokes.
    i know when my heat be rising.

    i know the woman who constructed the moon with two hands,
    with two hands she let
    enough crescent nails stain her body
    with blunt scabs and silver tattoos
    that flood up the strength of her neck
    and pooled together into phases of eclipses with no meaning.

    now she speak in quiet muscles
    lifting up tragedies out of concrete cemeteries
    and the granite projection of wordless
    poured onto this cursive
    born out of carbon and opium,
    she’s important
    like the circumference
    of the earth in one heart step,
    she is.

    she string yards
    of lanterns
    across the hallway of lit match sticks
    burning down six week old candles
    and i’d carve out her biography
    into the red wick wax
    and then one into her back
    so she’d never have to see it,
    but inevitably have to feel it.

    i know when she liberate wind children from her slant jaw.
    i know when cold iris blink from the root of their birthstone.

    i taught her to speak to me in perfect tongues
    where the petals
    preserving imagination
    paint their stain glass wings themselves
    and themselves i call to her
    like a voice in the subconscious
    of the universe peeling back layers
    of dialect changes,
    like a wish for things.

    she move rhythmic body to the energy
    of flames she been feeding
    and unzipped her hips
    like the burden
    from her blessing
    would spill out from within them
    and she would choke on cracked bottles of
    surgical needles
    and they would take her
    unlike a lover
    in this framed nighttime
    spinning clockwise
    like some kaleidoscope deity
    patching together each sacred palm
    blooming with road maps of soul luck
    and swelling of infinity,
    so she be quiet.
    so she keep silent.
    so she let all the secrets
    float gracefully
    ‘til they settle in the
    ‘til i can settle with
    i is she.

    i know she who has a photograph of heaven tattooed on the inside of her eyelids.
    i know she who spells beauty with an L for life.
    i know she who be daughter of dawn bringer.
    i know she who breathes.

    17 November 2009
    Justin Scales @ The Purple Onion
    This Thursday at 8pm, head over to The Purple Onion in North Beach for a raucous evening of comedy with The Scalesman!

    If you've been to 16th & Mission, you've definitely seen Scales—his loud, veins-popping, one-normal-eye-and-one-excited-eye style of "hanging ornaments of interestingness on Christmas trees of truth" is an in-your-face salvo that will leave you belly laughing until it hurts, and perhaps feeling a tad guilty for doing so. Definitely don't miss this one.

    Thurs. Nov. 19th @ 8pm
    The Purple Onion
    140 Columbus Ave.

    13 October 2009
    Monica Storss Benefit TONIGHT!
    Come out to Amnesia (19th & Valencia) TONIGHT at 7pm and check out performances from:
    Monica Storss
    Ginger Murray
    Amy Cruz
    Pam Benjamin
    Dan Lichtenberg
    Jonathon Siegel
    Tess Patalano
    m.g. martin

    and music from The Ferocious Few

    Most importantly, this show is in support of our good friend and fellow artist Monica Storss. Monica is battling a serious autoimmune disorder for which she must undergo chemotherapy treatment, however, as one of many of us forced to live without health insurance, she is unable to afford the exorbitant price of the drugs. We're doing what we can to help scrape together some cash for Monica to afford these treatments.

    Tonight's event will feature a silent auction, and we have some great items on the block, including two batches of handcrafted beer, a complete box set of The 16th & Mission Review, a customizable dinner party...even a date!

    Please show up and help Monica through this difficult time.

    6 October 2009
    More photos, and props from SFGate
    There's a great photo series from Michele Rider recapping several recent nights at the Corner, at Amnesia, and the Make-Out Room. Thanks Michele!

    i stumbled upon these while checking out People Meter: Street-corner poetry slam by Trey Bundy at SFGate, which features a few words from some people you might recognise...

    24 September 2009
    SFGate: 11 Things
    In a rather snide but nonetheless amusing commentary from SFGate's 11 Things on "...the city's most colorful open mike every Thursday..." you're encouraged to "Make it a date," and "Don't wear white on Labor Day either," among other dubiously useful advice. This piece showed up in August, while we were on vacation from the internet. Read more »
    21 September 2009
    ...and we're back!
    At long last, we're back up and running. Here's what happened: our previous webhost crashed during a server migration, and lost not only all of our content, but also backups, etc. We found another webhost (thanks, Eddie!), and i just rebuilt the back-end databases, so we're good to go.

    Sometime in the near future i'm planning on re-designing the site to better handle the kind of content we ought to have—video, photos, etc. With all of the camera flashes i see any given Thursday, there's no reason it isn't easier to upload that kind of thing to the site easily.

    Note: Those of you who had accounts on this site before it went down, your usernames/passwords should still work. If they don't, or if you would like an account, email me, and i'll set one up for you. Also, if you have any suggestions for features you'd like to see in the next version of the site, i'm all ears.

    Thanks for your patience, everybody.

    Admin »